Listen to this interview with Andy Andrews, bestselling author of The Traveler's Gift, and find out how to reach the path towards success.

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Take a few minutes every day - as long as it takes to eat a Popsicle - to sit and unwind. Forget your worries and free your mind. I'll tell you how I did it.

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Not all of the advice that your family and friends give you is good for you. Here's why. 

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Most schools don't teach their students about personal finance. But the problem goes deeper than that. Schools don't equip children with the skills they need to become strategic thinkers. Here's how to teach your children to think strategically. 

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Find out how to practice the skills of strategic thinking, whether you're playing chess, managing your portfolio, or running a company.

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Strategic thinking is the strategic part of a game, of a financial plan, of a business decision, and even a social interaction is the part that comes before you make a move. It's all of the steps leading up to the final execution.


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Follow tried and true approaches to winning the game. Chess players use standard openings because they know what to expect. Investors, too, should not try to come up with new solutions to market volatility when there is a whole body of knowledge that they can use to guide them.

Here is a useful tactic used by professional investors for years to benefit from losses in the stock market. Avoid wash sales and turn your loss into an ultimate gain.

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Look for what you will get when you sacrifice a piece and make sure it's worthwhile. Sometimes taking a big loss can actually help you make a big gain. Tax-loss harvesting is a similar tactic in investing. Listen to this podcast to learn what tax-loss harvesting is and why it may be helpful. 

Nobel Prize for Economics laureate Robert Merton shares his insights into the secrets of successful investing in this very special interview. 

Listen to this interview with Julie Deane, president of The Cambridge Satchel Company, and find out the secrets of her success.

Find out why it's not prudent to follow the wrong advice, and why it is beneficial to pay off your mortgage before you retire. 

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Does the idea of paying off your mortgage before retirement worry you? It's not as difficult as it sounds. Listen to this week's podcast for ways to pay off your mortgage easily now, before you retire. 

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Paying off your mortgage before you retire is a good idea. Here's why.

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Do you know what ETFs and other acronyms for international investments stand for? On this week's podcast, learn what these international investments are with Doug's clear explanation. 

Here's an investment that you could add to your portfolio now, because the American economy is showing signs of weakness. 

You may find making a monthly budget rather difficult - so why not try making an annual budget instead? Here's how.

Learn how to improve your financial situation by following this important chess principle!

While you are still young but you are starting a family, what should you do be doing with your 401(k)? Have you even thought about it?

In today's climate of low interest rates, what's the best way to invest if you are either retired or close to it? Find out on today's podcast. 

After saving your whole life, withdrawing funds from your savings account can be unnerving. What happens if you start tapping into your principal? Listen to this week's podcast for the answers.

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How can you fulfill your dream of becoming a millionaire? This podcast will give you some great ideas. 

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The disposition effect can cause you to sell the wrong stocks. How do you avoid this and make the right investment decisions?

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Just as a skilled chess player uses the openings that are right for him, the successful investor finds the investments that are suitable for him, his personalities, and abilities. In this podcast, you'll learn how to decide what would be best for you.

Ted Alling, managing partner of The Lamp Post Group, talks about how to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

How can you best avoid losses? And if you make a mistake, don't give up! Simply learn from it and move on. Here's how.

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Find out who played The Immortal Game and why it was such a mileston in the history chess. What lessons does it teach you in investing and life today?

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In this episode, discover when it is a good idea to move your chess piece or change your investment and the importance of making frequent financial reviews. 

Find out about SWOT analysis and how to define the strengths and weaknesses in your business on this week's Rich As A King podcast.

Find out some great ways to avoid the pitfalls of inflation so that you can have a comfortable retirement. 

Which chess strategy will help you to develop purposefully, both on the board and in your investments? Find out from this episode of Rich As A King.

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What should you do with your short-term cash? Listen to three excellent suggestions on this episode of the Rich As A King podcast.

In episode 8 of Rich As A King, discover the importance of a good opening and why it's important to be careful when making your first move both in chess and finance.

Listen to this interview with Gordon d'Angelo, best-selling author of Vision: Your Pathway to Victory and find out how to achieve your financial goals.

Find out three great money-making strategies based on the famous chess game that Microsoft founder Bill Gates played against world chess champion Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. Who won? And what does it take to turn you into a financial winner?


chess and light

Does planning your finances intimidate you? Listen to this podcast and download your own free financial snapshot so that you can plan for your future without fear.

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Diane Coyle, professor of economics at Manchester University and author of GDP: A Brief But Affectionate History and The Economics of Enough, talks about measuring economic progress. What is the GDP (gross domestic product), and is it really an accurate benchmark for understanding economic performance? Find out on your favorite personal finance show.


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