What happens when the game finishes?
This is the last Rich As A King podcast. But, you can still listen to other great financial podcasts and learn essential strategies for managing your money.
Here’s another great online resource for you – The Goldstein on Gelt Show. On this personal finance podcast, I invite a guest to share his ideas and strategies for investing and personal finance. Each show includes a discussion with an expert on how to invest for success. Popular episodes feature Daniel Kahneman, Pat Flynn, and Suze Orman. Find out what else this twice-weekly show, also hosted by Douglas Goldstein, can offer you.

Apply chess strategy to your investment plan:

When you want to win, stick with what works.

Listen to this financial podcast to find out how to understand which investing tools and strategies work best for you and how to use them most effectively.

What helped Susan Polgar win at chess over and over again? She began winning chess at age four, and became the first woman in chess history to achieve the title of grandmaster.

Find out what strategy she used to win at chess, and how you can use the same strategy to stay ahead even when the market knocks you down.

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What is one of the worst financial risks?

How about losing money in high tax payments.

You can prevent this from happening by putting some of your earnings into a tax-deferred investment. Find out how this helps by looking at the knight on the chessboard, which performs best when it finds a square in enemy territory that can’t be touched by your opponent’s pawns.

If you are thinking of investing in gold, you can either buy physical gold or put your money into a gold ETF.
Which is better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? If you are thinking of investing in gold, find out how to protect yourself against potential fraud and the actual costs of storing gold. How much does it cost to insure gold? Listen to what you need to know about investing in gold on this financial podcast.

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To invest in stocks, you need to know how to choose the ones that are best for you. In this financial podcast, apply Susan’s way of choosing which chess pieces to move on the board to determine which stocks to buy. Once you’ve chosen your stocks, decide how involved you want to be with managing your investments and take a look at the different options that are available to you.

Do you use a defensive strategy when you play chess or manage your finances?

Chess grandmasters use defensive tactics to prevent their opponents from having any chance of successful attack. Listen to this podcast to get tactics you can use to defend your investments, as well as your chess pieces.

The opposite of being defensive is being aggressive. Listen to The Goldstein on Gelt Show from 10/2/17 to get the free download “You Don’t Even Know How Aggressive an Investor You Really Are.”

What are three financial moves that you can make now to ensure that you will have a comfortable retirement?

Consider basing your financial moves on chess strategies. You can adapt chess maneuvers to put your finances in order and prepare for retirement. Download this financial podcast to learn a how to apply chess moves to your finances.

Longer lifespans mean longer retirements. Therefore, in order not to run out of money, it’s critical to prepare properly. For more about preparing for retirement in the “age of longevity,” listen to my interview with Professor Andrew Scott, author of The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity.

Do you need a perfect plan to be a successful investor?

You might be surprised to hear the answer is NO! It’s possible to be a successful investor, even without the perfect plan.

As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as a “perfect plan” since investors need to be flexible enough to react to market changes.

Action is the key to becoming a successful investor. Compare it to a successful chess player who doesn’t spend the whole game dreaming about the best moves. He acts while the clock is ticking.

Act now, and listen to this podcast about how to be a successful investor.

When is the best time to invest?

When the markets go up or down? This financial podcast explains why timing the market may not be the best investing strategy.

The best chess players don’t let their emotions affect their performance on the board. Learn how to transfer that knowledge to the finance world, and get tips on how to be objective when making financial decisions.

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One way of strategic investing is to buy ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).

Sometimes investors are worried about risk, and as a result, limit their choices of ETF to local companies that they already know.

Learn about the wide range of ETFs that you can choose from, and why playing a defensive chess game of chess (or being too conservative with your investments) is not always enough in order to succeed. Click here to learn about the different varieties of ETFs.

When looking to invest in great mutual funds or make any other investment decisions, understand what “survivorship bias” and “creation bias” are and how these can become potential pitfalls. Biased decision-making can also affect the world of chess. Listen to learn what biases you should look out for both in investing and on the chessboard.


For more about investing in mutual funds, read this.

What tactics do Warren Buffett and Susan Polgar use when making investing decisions and playing chess? How can an investing tactic be applied to chess, or vice versa? Discover why Warren Buffett says you should invest within your circle of competence and how building a “moat” protects your chess pieces and also the stocks in which you invest.

Which chess quote from Garry Kasparov inspired this financial podcast?
Find out what this chess quote teaches about taking opportunities, and also why it’s important to have a specific line of strategy when you invest. Watch a free video about separately managed accounts (SMAs).

A “fork” is a chess technique that involves using a single piece to attack two targets simultaneously. How does this move work, and how can you apply it to retirement planning?
Listen to this financial podcast to get tips and advice on how to utilize your assets to achieve more than one investment goal at a time.

As baby boomers get closer to retirement, what’s the financial tool they should avoid?
Find out why it’s important to line up your assets as your retirement approaches, just like a chess player who lines up his pieces and refines his endgame. Is it a good idea to take on a mortgage as you approach retirement?

When playing chess and investing, it’s a good idea to measure your results by looking at performance metrics.

But why are metrics important? Find out how measuring performance improves efficiency. If you can measure it, you can improve it! This financial podcast also discusses literacy and its connection with improved living standards in many parts of the world.

One of the reasons investing in the stock market is so difficult is because we can’t predict the future. 

The trick is to use hindsight to help you determine what will be. While past performance is never a guarantee of future results, if you were able to invest in the stock market 50 years ago, would it have been a worthwhile investment?

Take a look at how the world’s economy and standard of living have developed over the past 50 years. When deciding where and how to invest, it’s important to look at the market’s potential and not only at its past. Looking at the potential of every country’s economy is just like how a chess player examines the potential of every piece.

Real estate investors hope to get a quick return on their initial purchase. While multi-millionaires are often real estate moguls, is this a good investing strategy for the ordinary person? Regular folks don’t realize what being a landlord entails or the time-consuming and expensive problems that may arise. On this financial podcast, find out how to invest in real estate without having to be a landlord. Even more importantly, learn to diversify your real estate investments. Also, get a free tool to help you work out your STRATegic goals.

As America is a world leader in energy production and technology, the U.S. economy is one of the most powerful economies on this planet.  America is also one of the world’s largest consumer markets. If you are tempted to benefit from the growth in the U.S. economy by investing in American companies, consider following this chess strategy. Also download a free tool to find out what your risk tolerance level is.

Higher education is a great investment for your future, but it is worth taking on student debt? How much debt is your degree worth, and how will you repay it? This financial podcast warns you about two major pitfalls of student loans. If you already have student debt, download a free tool to help you accelerate paying it back.

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Baby boomers are approaching retirement. Find out about a strategy baby boomers can use to help them have a successful retirement. Click here to use the “lunch savings calculator” to help you prepare your finances for the future – no matter how old you are. This link is good for baby boomers as well as anyone else planning to retire one day.

Can you afford to be financially optimistic in today’s volatile market? Susan Polgar’s stories about how she became a chess grandmaster are an inspiring illustration of how optimism can can pave the path to success. Find out why a positive outlook is one of the most useful tools for success, in chess, investing, and in life in general.

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If you like investing in bonds and other conservative investments, how should you invest when interest rates are low? Low interest rates and high inflation can actually lower the real value of your money if it is invested in bank savings accounts or CDs. So what are your options if you don’t want to take on a high risk (read: potentially high return) investment?

Listen to this financial podcast to learn about a strategy that can help you make the best out of your investments during times of low interest.

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Global diversification, spreading out your investments among various countries, is an important part of investing. But how can you determine the best countries to invest in?  Global diversification is an important part of asset allocation.

Want a chess metaphor to think about the importance of diversification?

Think of diversification as “castling” – a way to protect your investments. What are the tactics that you can use to diversify, yet invest safely?

Need a guide to diversify and allocate your assets efficiently and responsibly?  For the first steps to take, go to www.richasaking.com/tools and use our asset allocation tool.

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What is “multiple attack strategy,” and which tactic can it teach you for improving your investment performance? Why is balance important both in life and in investing? Find out how it can keep your investments on track.