What helped Susan Polgar win at chess over and over again? She began winning chess at age four, and became the first woman in chess history to achieve the title of grandmaster.

Find out what strategy she used to win at chess, and how you can use the same strategy to stay ahead even when the market knocks you down.

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What’s the most important money habit you need to get rich?

Unfortunately, “getting rich quick” is a myth. Aside from robbing a bank (which I’m not recommending you do), there isn’t one single trick that can make you rich.

But, there are 5 basic money habits that you can adopt to build your wealth slowly and steadily. These five tactics are easy to follow, and simple to learn. This financial podcast episode explains the 5 steps you need to take to improve your money habits.

Let us know which one was the easiest to implement!

Why do 90 million Americans invest their money in mutual funds? What are the characteristics of these investors, and should you follow in their footsteps? Can a mutual fund be useful to you?

Listen to this financial podcast for tactics and strategies in investing in mutual funds. And best of all, get access to the free giveaway of material to teach you more about mutual funds. Details in the podcast!

Discover how asset allocation can help you build your wealth. This week’s financial podcast will help you get started with using this strategy, favored by many experts. Listen to the whole podcast to get details of a free download with crucial information for diversifying your portfolio.

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How does your financial advisor manage his own money?

The most successful investors put their money in the hands of a financial grandmaster, who can make responsible, objective decisions. Where do you find a financial grandmaster to help you?

This financial podcast will tell you the answer.

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This podcast is based on Rich As A King: How to Become a Grandmaster of Investing, by Douglas Goldstein, CFP® and Grandmaster Susan Polgar, www.RichAsAKing.com.