How can you make more money by consolidating your investments?

 If your investments are scattered among different companies not only is it difficult to know what you own, but you may end up paying more in fees. Not to mention, your asset allocation may not be as diversified as you think.

Organizing your investments isn’t a guarantee that you’ll make more money, but it is an effective strategy to increase investment returns. Get a link to a free tracker that will help you see your financial situation clearly and easily.

Do you want to become a better investor?

Three chess strategies helped Susan Polgar’s collegiate chess team win the national championship six times in a row. Find out what these strategies are and how they can help you become a better investor and financial winner.

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Listen to a story about how a man lost his retirement savings because he chose to ignore good advice. This story teaches strategic lessons about how NOT to invest your retirement savings.

Get some positive tips and tactics for managing your money.

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What are alternative investments? How do they compare to ETFs, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds? This week’s financial podcast explains why it is important to avoid complexity in investing, and why you should make sure to match your investments to your personality and risk tolerance.