When should you buy stocks? When they are riding high, or when they are at an all-time low? What does the expression, “Buy when there is blood in the streets” mean? How does it relate to investing?

Listen to Susan Polgar’s explanation of when the best time is to strike at your opponent in chess, and learn a how to apply a chess strategy to investing.

For more inspiration from the game of chess, get a free download of the Rich As A King poster book here.

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What’s the best way to deal with a market drop?

Is there a similarity between the unpredictable moves of the market and the unpredictable moves of a chess opponent?

Listen to what that Susan Polgar did when she was faced with a chess game whose outcome was determined by drawing lots. What did Warren Buffet say when an interviewer asked him in 2009 how he felt about losing 40% of his lifetime capital in the 2008 crash?

Both of these leaders share a similar trick that you could also use. Find out more on this financial podcast.

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Are you ready for the next market crash?

While it is impossible to predict when the next market crash will come, there are certain steps that you can take to protect whenever the next economic downturn occurs.

History has shown that markets respond to dramatic world events, such as wars, assassinations, and political scandals. The better prepared you are for unforeseen setbacks means they won’t take you by surprise.  Preparation can lessen their negative effect.

Susan Polgar’s story of how she overcame a huge disadvantage when the International Chess Federation FIDE awarded female players (except her!) 100 points, shows how you shouldn’t give up… no matter how dire things look.

Get information about our upcoming real-life finance course and send us your financial questions!

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What’s the difference between a casino and the stock market? On this week’s financial podcast, find out why the odds are much better if you invest your money in the stock market than if you try to make a huge win at a casino. Learn how to determine your real chances of winning, and why investing is not gambling.

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Despite enjoying popularity on the street, not every “rule of thumb” or popular investing strategy works. A “rule of thumb” is a principle that can be broadly applied to a situation, and by definition, lacks a certain amount of accuracy.

Sometimes rule of thumb guidelines can be safely followed. Other times, it may be best to scrutinize common wisdom, like “sell in May and go away.”

Today’s episode provides tips on what to think about when deciding what your next financial step should be. Should you follow a general rule of thumb or should you take customized action steps based on your specific situation?

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What happens if you miss an investment opportunity?

Are you doomed to have lost the chance to have made money?

Luckily, successful investing rarely involves making once-in-a-lifetime choices.  The majority of Wall Street wealth was not made timing the market.

Perseverance, rather timing the market may be the key to financial success.

Listen to the story of how the Hungarian government tried to stop Susan Polgar from competing in international competitions during her youth, and what it teaches about using available opportunities.

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If markets fall, and your stock portfolio takes a beating, don’t despair. On this episode of Rich As A King, find out why it’s important to stick to your strategy even when things go wrong. Falling stock prices isn’t the main threat to your portfolio. Listen to find out what the real danger is.

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What’s the best way to improve your investment results?

Learn to filter out distractions and give your plan a chance to work.

Listen to this financial podcast to find out why it’s important to stick to your financial plan, rather than continually moving your investments around. In the same way that a chess player ignores the constant barrage of comments from onlookers, and stay focused on the game, you need to stay focused on your financial plan.

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What do you need to know before buying a stock?

Don’t base your decision on a vague piece of financial news. Look at more specific details, such as a company’s earnings and value. What do these terms mean, and which aspects are important? Find out what a company’s price/earnings ratio is, and how this would affect your final decision.

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If you are still working, here’s one retirement planning opportunity you don’t want to miss out on…

As many as 68% of working people in America don’t take advantage of this simple retirement savings technique.  What should they do?

Maximize the amount you put into an employer-sponsored savings plan or IRA.

Listen to this financial podcast to learn what happens to your contributions to a traditional or Roth IRA. What do you need to know if you are 50 or over?

Get information about our upcoming real-life finance course (full of other retirement planning ideas) and send your financial questions to http://www.richasaking.com/contact-us/.

Want a great tactic to cut your taxes?

Just look at the way many investors handled the sudden drop in pound sterling after the Brexit vote. Find out what tax-loss harvesting is and how it can help you deal with volatile markets. Most importantly of all, don’t panic!

(Remember I am a certified financial planner, not an accountant. I do not give specific tax advice. Make sure to get tax advice for your unique situation from a qualified tax professional.)

Get information about our upcoming real-life finance course and send your financial questions to http://www.richasaking.com/contact-us/.

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Don’t let your spouse be the only one to manage your money.

You need to know what’s going on with your finances, even if you don’t handle all of the daily expenses.

Find out what the differences are between men and women when it comes to handling finances, and why good communication about money and setting goals is the key to a happy marriage.

Watch this three-minute video to learn more about the importance of open financial communication between partners.

Why should non-Americans invest in the United States?

There are many non-American players on Susan Polgar’s chess team, because they are seeking the high-quality coaching that the United States specifically offers. America’s reputation for quality extends beyond education to the field of investing. More and more non-Americans are investing in the United States because of the high quality of American investments. Listen to this financial podcast to find out what the three qualities that make U.S. investments so attractive to non-Americans are?

Watch this 10-minute video about U.S. brokerage accounts for non-Americans.

What should you do when you get an inheritance?

The first thing you should do when you get an inheritance is not to make any rash decisions or changes in your lifestyle without understanding what you have just received. This is especially true if these assets are complex investments.

Listen to why it is important to get guidance from a qualified financial advisor when you receive an inheritance.

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How can you improve your portfolio’s diversification?

By consolidating your money under the watchful eye of a single financial advisor.

Last episode discussed how consolidating your investments can make more money.  Listen to this episode to discover the benefits of using money managers or mutual funds to manage specific sections of your portfolio. By consolidating your assets under one account, you can make sure that you are properly diversified.

 Listen to the whole show for a link to a free video about money managers.

How can you make more money by consolidating your investments?

 If your investments are scattered among different companies not only is it difficult to know what you own, but you may end up paying more in fees. Not to mention, your asset allocation may not be as diversified as you think.

Organizing your investments isn’t a guarantee that you’ll make more money, but it is an effective strategy to increase investment returns. Get a link to a free tracker that will help you see your financial situation clearly and easily.

Do you want to become a better investor?

Three chess strategies helped Susan Polgar’s collegiate chess team win the national championship six times in a row. Find out what these strategies are and how they can help you become a better investor and financial winner.

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Listen to a story about how a man lost his retirement savings because he chose to ignore good advice. This story teaches strategic lessons about how NOT to invest your retirement savings.

Get some positive tips and tactics for managing your money.

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What are alternative investments? How do they compare to ETFs, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds? This week’s financial podcast explains why it is important to avoid complexity in investing, and why you should make sure to match your investments to your personality and risk tolerance.

Nobel Prize winner Harry Markowitz, pioneer of modern portfolio theory, explains his theory on how to decide to make the best move. Doug speaks with Harry Markowitz about similarities between chess and investing, and how to make successful decisions.

Set a goal, and get motivated to reach your goal by listening to the amazing story of Grandmaster Susan Polgar’s childhood, being homeschooled under the tough conditions of Communist Hungary.

Discover what STRATegic goals are and how adopting this system of goal setting can help you achieve your dreams.

Protect your money by using an amazing chess move – castling. How does this “castling” work, and what’s its connection with investing?

This financial podcast explains the basic steps for keeping your money and your family safe from financial checkmate.

What’s the truth behind “free offers”? Many “free offers” are scams and contain a hidden agenda. Do you know anyone who “won” a free offer only to find out the offer wasn’t free, or wasn’t what was promised? Listen to this financial podcast to hear a true story about a free offer of a cruise.

And best of all, stay tuned until the end of this financial podcast for a genuine free offer – the Rich As A King poster book. It really is free – listen for the details.

Have you heard of the chess concept of perpetual check? This is when you may not win the game, but you can keep your opponent in check forever. This tactic can also be applied to finance.

Learn why it is sometimes better simply not to lose than to suffer a crushing defeat.

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Do you know which of your assets has the most potential to make money? Listen carefully to the answer – it may both surprise and inspire you. And once you know, follow three very important tips that will help you to use this asset to its greatest potential to make money.

If you get an inheritance, one of the first questions you may ask is how to minimize the resulting taxes. In this financial podcast, find out what you need to know about maximizing the growth of an inheritance and whether you will face estate tax issues.

Reminder: download the Rich As A King poster book while we are still giving it away for free.

Buying and selling options is a frequently discussed financial strategy.

What are options?

Are they an appropriate investment for retirees and anyone else looking to generate income from their portfolio or invest for the long term?

Listen to this financial podcast to find out how to access a free and easy-to-read explanation of how to buy call options, taken from the bonus material normally only available to people who have bought Rich As A King.

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We used these 4 grandmaster tactics to create 100 episodes of the Rich As A King podcast.

Grandmasters need strategy and tactics to get their high standing.

They also need inspiration to continue working hard. Our celebratory 100th podcast, this episode, is all about inspiration. It begins with the story of how Susan Polgar used four grandmaster tactics to overcome the challenges that stood in her way of becoming a chess world champion.

The best thing about these grandmaster tactics? They will help you achieve success both on and off the chessboard. So listen now, to learn what they are and how to integrate them in your own life.

To celebrate our 100th podcast, we’re giving away a free gift – A Rich As A King poster book!

Its usual price is $9.99, but listeners of this episode get it for free! Click here to download printable inspiring chess quotes.


Financial advisors spend their workdays investing other people’s money. Have you ever wondered how they invest their own funds?

While a financial advisor can be a great role model for financial success, following his investing style exactly may not be the best idea for you. What can you learn from watching how financial advisors invest, and how can you adapt this to your own personal style and circumstances?

One of the most popular investments financial advisor use is the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). Is using this investment vehicle a good move for you too?

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Investing in real estate can have two possible outcomes – it can either make you rich or poor! People tend to buy properties either to live in or for an investment.

Investing in real estate for either of the above reasons involves risk. This financial podcast provides a strategy for investing in real estate, describing REITs (real estate investment trusts) and why these may be a convenient way to invest in property without having to become a landlord.

What’s the most important money habit you need to get rich?

Unfortunately, “getting rich quick” is a myth. Aside from robbing a bank (which I’m not recommending you do), there isn’t one single trick that can make you rich.

But, there are 5 basic money habits that you can adopt to build your wealth slowly and steadily. These five tactics are easy to follow, and simple to learn. This financial podcast episode explains the 5 steps you need to take to improve your money habits.

Let us know which one was the easiest to implement!

Transferring credit card balance is probably something Walter Cavanagh, the holder of the world’s record of having the most credit cards, never had to do. (He only uses one card and pays it off in full at the end of the month.)

While someone has to hold the title “Holder of the Most Credit Cards” – is this an honor that you should aspire to hold?

While the attractive offers made by credit card companies may make credit cards look very tempting, the initial 0% interest offered doesn’t keep you out of debt. And transferring your credit card balance from one company to another will not help you, either.

In order to eliminate your credit card balance once and for all, adopt one of these suggested strategies to rid yourself of credit card debt.

Send us a picture of you cutting up your credit cards and we’ll post it on the site!  

How does a terror attack affect investors?

When Doug recently spoke to a lawyer at a big brokerage firm, he was shocked to find out that a result of the rise of global terrorism, the company had closed its international operations. But what is the general reaction to terror among long-term investors? What is the best way for investors to react to global terror? What should you do when the going gets rough? Tune in to get a link to more information about terror and its effects on economics and investing.

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An economic problem that targets senior citizens: generally older people have a low tolerance for risk. This can translate into investments with lower returns, which means they might not “make enough” in order to meet their needs. Is there a solution to this economic problem? Could bond ladders be the answer for post-retirement investors? Listen for links to articles about bond ladders and find out why they might be a good financial strategy for you.

What can a discussion with Nobel Prize laureate Professor Angus Deaton on foreign aid teach you about personal finance skills and how to help your children with money? Learn practical tips and advice on how to teach your children good personal finance practices without patronizing them. Listen for the link to an article that Doug’s son, Yosef, wrote about the financial lessons he learned from his father, the financial planner.

How much do you know about mutual funds? n this second half of a two-part series on mutual funds (for the previous episode click here), Doug explains what mutual funds are and how an individual investor can profit by investing in them. He reveals an important strategy for making investment decisions in general, which he learned from a discussion with Grandmaster Susan Polgar.  At the end of the show, Doug mentions a special link to get additional resources about mutual funds. Don’t forget to click on it!

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