How does a terror attack affect investors?

When Doug recently spoke to a lawyer at a big brokerage firm, he was shocked to find out that a result of the rise of global terrorism, the company had closed its international operations. But what is the general reaction to terror among long-term investors? What is the best way for investors to react to global terror? What should you do when the going gets rough? Tune in to get a link to more information about terror and its effects on economics and investing.

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An economic problem that targets senior citizens: generally older people have a low tolerance for risk. This can translate into investments with lower returns, which means they might not “make enough” in order to meet their needs. Is there a solution to this economic problem? Could bond ladders be the answer for post-retirement investors? Listen for links to articles about bond ladders and find out why they might be a good financial strategy for you.

What can a discussion with Nobel Prize laureate Professor Angus Deaton on foreign aid teach you about personal finance skills and how to help your children with money? Learn practical tips and advice on how to teach your children good personal finance practices without patronizing them. Listen for the link to an article that Doug’s son, Yosef, wrote about the financial lessons he learned from his father, the financial planner.

How much do you know about mutual funds? n this second half of a two-part series on mutual funds (for the previous episode click here), Doug explains what mutual funds are and how an individual investor can profit by investing in them. He reveals an important strategy for making investment decisions in general, which he learned from a discussion with Grandmaster Susan Polgar.  At the end of the show, Doug mentions a special link to get additional resources about mutual funds. Don’t forget to click on it!

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