Have you heard of the chess concept of perpetual check? This is when you may not win the game, but you can keep your opponent in check forever. This tactic can also be applied to finance.

Learn why it is sometimes better simply not to lose than to suffer a crushing defeat.

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Do you know which of your assets has the most potential to make money? Listen carefully to the answer – it may both surprise and inspire you. And once you know, follow three very important tips that will help you to use this asset to its greatest potential to make money.

If you get an inheritance, one of the first questions you may ask is how to minimize the resulting taxes. In this financial podcast, find out what you need to know about maximizing the growth of an inheritance and whether you will face estate tax issues.

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Buying and selling options is a frequently discussed financial strategy.

What are options?

Are they an appropriate investment for retirees and anyone else looking to generate income from their portfolio or invest for the long term?

Listen to this financial podcast to find out how to access a free and easy-to-read explanation of how to buy call options, taken from the bonus material normally only available to people who have bought Rich As A King.

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We used these 4 grandmaster tactics to create 100 episodes of the Rich As A King podcast.

Grandmasters need strategy and tactics to get their high standing.

They also need inspiration to continue working hard. Our celebratory 100th podcast, this episode, is all about inspiration. It begins with the story of how Susan Polgar used four grandmaster tactics to overcome the challenges that stood in her way of becoming a chess world champion.

The best thing about these grandmaster tactics? They will help you achieve success both on and off the chessboard. So listen now, to learn what they are and how to integrate them in your own life.

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