Don’t let your spouse be the only one to manage your money.

You need to know what’s going on with your finances, even if you don’t handle all of the daily expenses.

Find out what the differences are between men and women when it comes to handling finances, and why good communication about money and setting goals is the key to a happy marriage.

Watch this three-minute video to learn more about the importance of open financial communication between partners.

Why should non-Americans invest in the United States?

There are many non-American players on Susan Polgar’s chess team, because they are seeking the high-quality coaching that the United States specifically offers. America’s reputation for quality extends beyond education to the field of investing. More and more non-Americans are investing in the United States because of the high quality of American investments. Listen to this financial podcast to find out what the three qualities that make U.S. investments so attractive to non-Americans are?

Watch this 10-minute video about U.S. brokerage accounts for non-Americans.