Many people invest their money in variable annuities because they believe they are very safe. But how safe are they? What are the risks involved? Are you aware of the various charges on your annuity? This financial podcast is a must for anyone thinking of investing in an annuity. Tune in now – and don’t forget to download your free chapter of Rich As A King about annuities.

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Are you thinking of investing in a new startup company? This week’s financial podcast tells you what you need to know before you invest. What are the questions you should ask? The five minutes that it takes to listen to this podcast can make a difference to your investment decision.

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Discover how asset allocation can help you build your wealth. This week’s financial podcast will help you get started with using this strategy, favored by many experts. Listen to the whole podcast to get details of a free download with crucial information for diversifying your portfolio.

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What are your dreams and goals, and do you think they will come true? On this financial podcast, learn a powerful lesson about the differences between goals and wishes. How can you turn your wishes into goals - and then achieve them? 


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This podcast is based on Rich As A King: How to Become a Grandmaster of Investing, by Douglas Goldstein, CFP® and Grandmaster Susan Polgar,