Real estate investors hope to get a quick return on their initial purchase. While multi-millionaires are often real estate moguls, is this a good investing strategy for the ordinary person? Regular folks don’t realize what being a landlord entails or the time-consuming and expensive problems that may arise. On this financial podcast, find out how to invest in real estate without having to be a landlord. Even more importantly, learn to diversify your real estate investments. Also, get a free tool to help you work out your STRATegic goals.

As America is a world leader in energy production and technology, the U.S. economy is one of the most powerful economies on this planet.  America is also one of the world’s largest consumer markets. If you are tempted to benefit from the growth in the U.S. economy by investing in American companies, consider following this chess strategy. Also download a free tool to find out what your risk tolerance level is.

Higher education is a great investment for your future, but it is worth taking on student debt? How much debt is your degree worth, and how will you repay it? This financial podcast warns you about two major pitfalls of student loans. If you already have student debt, download a free tool to help you accelerate paying it back.

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