Are you ready for the next market crash?

While it is impossible to predict when the next market crash will come, there are certain steps that you can take to protect whenever the next economic downturn occurs.

History has shown that markets respond to dramatic world events, such as wars, assassinations, and political scandals. The better prepared you are for unforeseen setbacks means they won’t take you by surprise.  Preparation can lessen their negative effect.

Susan Polgar’s story of how she overcame a huge disadvantage when the International Chess Federation FIDE awarded female players (except her!) 100 points, shows how you shouldn’t give up… no matter how dire things look.

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What’s the difference between a casino and the stock market? On this week’s financial podcast, find out why the odds are much better if you invest your money in the stock market than if you try to make a huge win at a casino. Learn how to determine your real chances of winning, and why investing is not gambling.

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Despite enjoying popularity on the street, not every “rule of thumb” or popular investing strategy works. A “rule of thumb” is a principle that can be broadly applied to a situation, and by definition, lacks a certain amount of accuracy.

Sometimes rule of thumb guidelines can be safely followed. Other times, it may be best to scrutinize common wisdom, like “sell in May and go away.”

Today’s episode provides tips on what to think about when deciding what your next financial step should be. Should you follow a general rule of thumb or should you take customized action steps based on your specific situation?

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