Nobel Prize winner Harry Markowitz, pioneer of modern portfolio theory, explains his theory on how to decide to make the best move. Doug speaks with Harry Markowitz about similarities between chess and investing, and how to make successful decisions.

Set a goal, and get motivated to reach your goal by listening to the amazing story of Grandmaster Susan Polgar’s childhood, being homeschooled under the tough conditions of Communist Hungary.

Discover what STRATegic goals are and how adopting this system of goal setting can help you achieve your dreams.

Protect your money by using an amazing chess move – castling. How does this “castling” work, and what’s its connection with investing?

This financial podcast explains the basic steps for keeping your money and your family safe from financial checkmate.

What’s the truth behind “free offers”? Many “free offers” are scams and contain a hidden agenda. Do you know anyone who “won” a free offer only to find out the offer wasn’t free, or wasn’t what was promised? Listen to this financial podcast to hear a true story about a free offer of a cruise.

And best of all, stay tuned until the end of this financial podcast for a genuine free offer – the Rich As A King poster book. It really is free – listen for the details.