Why do 90 million Americans invest their money in mutual funds? What are the characteristics of these investors, and should you follow in their footsteps? Can a mutual fund be useful to you?

Listen to this financial podcast for tactics and strategies in investing in mutual funds. And best of all, get access to the free giveaway of material to teach you more about mutual funds. Details in the podcast!

Worried that interest rates will jump and you won’t be able to make money from bonds? Are you afraid that if interest rates go up, your money can get locked into low-interest bonds and you’ll miss out on potential profit? How can you earn current income and maintain flexibility to reinvest in higher-yielding bonds if interest rates rise?

The answer to the problem of being locked into a certain interest rate is a bond ladder.

Listen to this podcast to learn how to build sturdy bond ladders and how they can help you manage risk in your portfolio.

Also, go to www.RichAsAKing.com/ladder for free access an article and two videos on how to make smart decisions about bond ladders.


Want to avoid a fight about money? Money is one of the biggest causes of friction in a relationship. Many couples fight over what belongs to each one, their debts, each other’s spending, or how much money they should give to their children. Very often, these arguments center around control. Many people believe that they are more financially savvy than their partner, who is more to blame for their money difficulties than they are. What is the best solution to avoid a fight about money?

Instead of arguing and fighting about money, sit down together and work out joint goals and financial rules for you and your family.

  • Talk about your goals rather than individual spending or saving habits.
  • Decide how much money you are prepared to give to your children and stick with your decision.
  • Agree to work out all major financial decisions. This episode provides easy tips and advice on how to avoid fighting about money and create firm financial strategy and goals.


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Are ETFs a good investment for you? ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are a very popular investment, but before investing in them there are a few important things that you need to know. This week’s financial podcast gives you some important advice and guidance. You can also get a free gift – a special download that will show you how to actually benefit from potential losses in ETFs.

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Last week’s financial podcast showed that annuities are a hot topic. In answer to many questions that he received after the last show, Doug discusses the tax implications of annuities. How much money are you going to get at the end, once Uncle Sam has received his slice? Which kind of tax will you pay? Listen now for hot tips about variable annuities and don’t miss your last chance to get a free section of Rich As A King dealing with this subject.