When should you buy stocks? When they are riding high, or when they are at an all-time low? What does the expression, “Buy when there is blood in the streets” mean? How does it relate to investing?

Listen to Susan Polgar’s explanation of when the best time is to strike at your opponent in chess, and learn a how to apply a chess strategy to investing.

For more inspiration from the game of chess, get a free download of the Rich As A King poster book here.

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What’s the best way to deal with a market drop?

Is there a similarity between the unpredictable moves of the market and the unpredictable moves of a chess opponent?

Listen to what that Susan Polgar did when she was faced with a chess game whose outcome was determined by drawing lots. What did Warren Buffet say when an interviewer asked him in 2009 how he felt about losing 40% of his lifetime capital in the 2008 crash?

Both of these leaders share a similar trick that you could also use. Find out more on this financial podcast.

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