Financial advisors spend their workdays investing other people’s money. Have you ever wondered how they invest their own funds?

While a financial advisor can be a great role model for financial success, following his investing style exactly may not be the best idea for you. What can you learn from watching how financial advisors invest, and how can you adapt this to your own personal style and circumstances?

One of the most popular investments financial advisor use is the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). Is using this investment vehicle a good move for you too?

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Investing in real estate can have two possible outcomes – it can either make you rich or poor! People tend to buy properties either to live in or for an investment.

Investing in real estate for either of the above reasons involves risk. This financial podcast provides a strategy for investing in real estate, describing REITs (real estate investment trusts) and why these may be a convenient way to invest in property without having to become a landlord.

What’s the most important money habit you need to get rich?

Unfortunately, “getting rich quick” is a myth. Aside from robbing a bank (which I’m not recommending you do), there isn’t one single trick that can make you rich.

But, there are 5 basic money habits that you can adopt to build your wealth slowly and steadily. These five tactics are easy to follow, and simple to learn. This financial podcast episode explains the 5 steps you need to take to improve your money habits.

Let us know which one was the easiest to implement!

Transferring credit card balance is probably something Walter Cavanagh, the holder of the world’s record of having the most credit cards, never had to do. (He only uses one card and pays it off in full at the end of the month.)

While someone has to hold the title “Holder of the Most Credit Cards” – is this an honor that you should aspire to hold?

While the attractive offers made by credit card companies may make credit cards look very tempting, the initial 0% interest offered doesn’t keep you out of debt. And transferring your credit card balance from one company to another will not help you, either.

In order to eliminate your credit card balance once and for all, adopt one of these suggested strategies to rid yourself of credit card debt.

Send us a picture of you cutting up your credit cards and we’ll post it on the site!